Tattoo Removal and Its Methods


Nowadays, people are getting highly fascinated by the obsession of having a tattoo. From famous celebrities to the general public, everybody is seen with certain permanent marks on their body. Due to its growing popularity, many tattooing industries have established that generates exciting career opportunities for tattoo artists who can display their creativity in this field.

Tattooing is considered an art of imprinting some images, letters, figures, and patterns on the body of the person. The tattoo artist uses a handheld machine that has a needle fixed on it and draws the design by inserting the ink and pigments into the layer of skin.

Tattoos have now become a popular culture that has attracted people of all generations. Apart from the tattooing techniques, there are Tattoo removal techniques also. Many people don’t know that tattoo can also be removed permanently. With the advancement in technology and medical experts’ support, a tattoo can be removed completely without complicating the health condition of the person. There can be various reasons of choosing Tattoo Removal services, for instance, a person might not like his/her tattoo, a tattoo has faded over the time, a person might want to join military or any other government job, one might want to make a new tattoo at the same body surface, etc.

Different types of tattoo removal methods

There are different types of treatment such as surgeries, laser treatment, etc that remove the pigmentation of a tattoo safely without leaving any side-effects. It is highly recommended that a person should consult a skin doctor and seek his/her advice on which method should one consider while removing a tattoo.

Laser Surgery –

Laser surgery such as Q-switched lasers is a special kind of non-invasive tattoo removal treatment that is considered best for permanently removing the dark-colored tattoos. The lasers work by targeting the ink or pigmentation of a tattoo in the presence of high-energy beam light. There are different factors such as skin color, ink color, and the depth of the pigmentation of a tattoo that evaluates the results of tattoo removal.

Dermabrasion –

There can be various reasons for removing a tattoo and dermabrasion can effectively remove tattoos with ease. While removing a tattoo, a skin expert uses a wire brush or a diamond fraise to remove the outer layer of the skin. Before beginning the process, the tattooed area is done numb so the person doesn’t feel the pain while removing a tattoo. A rotary device having rubbing wheels or brush is used to fade away the ink out of the skin.

Skin Excision –

It is one of the laser treatments that are highly effective for removing small tattoos. Surgery is done where an expert uses a scalpel to stitch the wound. There are certain things to avoid after the surgery is done such as sun exposure and the medications which can later create complications.

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